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Location: Lake City, FL
Birthdate: 09/27/1980
Height: 6"1
Weight: 157 lbs.
Top 3 Movies: Made, Swingers, Say Anything

Bands: Hey Mercedes, Braid, My Hotel Year, Burning Airlines, The Dismemberment Plan, Retisonic, Bluetip, Prevent Falls, Superdrag, As Friends Rust, Shiner, The Firebird Band, Koufax, Ozma, New End Original, Combustible Edison, Stereolab, Die Tomorrow (RIP), Code Seven, The Business, Fugazi, Jawbox, Cave-In, The Hives, Creeper Lagoon, HUM, Kerosene 454, and so on

I play guitar and write songs. I work in a library. I sleep. I eat. I live.