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Copper Press

Hey Mercedes

s/t EP

Some of us were destined for certain things. Bob Nanna, for better or for worse, was destined to write songs, to travel the states in a van, and to play songs before crowds in sweaty, crowded confines. Whether or not it was foretold he would be the palpitation in the hearts of fey boys and coy girls across the land is debatable, but it's really none of my concern. I'm a fan, and while I'm sure there are a few three-letter adjectives available to describe me, fey and coy are not among them. Hey Mercedes' debut comes across strong and true, sure hands and assured vocals driving home four tight songs of memorable riffs, jagged leads and alternately sharp and sappy lyrics in 16:30. Basements will quake and throb once more, and little boys and girls will stay weak in the knees, collapsing not from the weight of their backpacks but from the syrup filling the chambers of their hearts.