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Invisible Youth

Hey Mercedes- EP review

When the rumours of Braid's break-up were confirmed, I was truly saddened. Braid had been one of the most power and yet still fun emo rock outfits ever and the fact that I would not be able to see them again or buy another new album hit me in the gut. I used to be one of those losers that checked their site every so often just to make sure I had that compilation or rare Japanese tour release and to check on tour dates in hopes of seeing their powerhouse live for another round of rock. After they "died" I gave up this practice. So, when I received a manila envelope from Polyvinyl Records and opened it to reveal a Hey Mercedes EP I was blown away. This one really caught me by surprise. Immediately I popped it in my truck's CD player and knew everything would be okay. What happens when 3 of the 4 members of one of your favourite bands play together again? A logical epilogue to where their previous band was going. Hey Mercedes could easily pass under the name "Braid" with Bob Nanna's oh-so familiar voice and studdering guitars riffs, but this group does capture a bit more rock than Braid ever did. Better? Hard to tell with only four songs, but the proverbial would most likely be saying "signs point to yes." (Polyvinyl Records)